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Create Crucial Foundations for True Team Performance


Create Crucial Foundations for True Team Performance

Top 4 Learning Objectives

  • Create high team productivity

  • Kick off or refresh a team for a strong start

  • Know how mature a team is and how to work accordingly

  • Cultivate high positivity

Have you ever wondered ...

  • How can your team reach true high performance?

  • Which engagement style is best for which situation?

  • How can you tell where the team is in their development?

  • What can you do to accelerate the natural development of the team?

  • How can you help the team discover an answer whether you know it or not?

  • What different kinds of conflict are there and how can you nurture the good kind?

If you've always wanted to ...

  • Build your confidence in serving the team

  • Breeze your team through all development stages

  • Gain comfort with conflict

... then this course if for you!

Here's what previous course graduates shared:

Brilliant, practical training. Will use everything that we were taught.

Fiona Thomson, Senior Coach Lead

It can give you a deeper understanding of people and relationships in general, as well as being hugely helpful in the workplace.

Stuart Hollands, Deputy Head of Digital

Thank you for providing this great content and also making it available to a wider audience.

Werner, Senior Scrum Master

In this 10 week program, you'll find everything you need to know, including:

  • Learn foundational professional coaching skills

  • How the team's developmental stages really work

  • How to create a feedback culture in the team

  • How to design and hold great team kickoffs & refreshes

  • How to identify each team development stage based on looks, sounds, and experience

  • What to do when the team's energy dips

  • How to spot different kinds of conflict & discover the conflicts source

  • How Transactional Analysis can be a powerful tool in team development

  • What to do when team members leave or the team sadly ends

  • What the different kinds of resilience are and how to grow them

  • Spotting and overcoming the 5 dysfunctions that teams face

  • How to develop and use a coaching strategy

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